Updated on september 30

I've put some very rudimentary and incomplete excerpts on this site(the structure will probably change as the project will evolve):

Listen thru a headset if available


latest and probably heaviest thing I've recorded sofar

the "scratching" during the end solo is a guitar and not a turntable...


just another excerpt of something I made a few weeks back,the structure will change as I will record this again in the near future on my laptop,the bassline was once again recorded with an octaver.

Niagara falls-solo

first take solo,while not perfect,I decided to keep it as it has its moments.

Biker mice from hell!

:aka "zware muizen".Now if this doesn't grab your attention...Attention,for guitarfreaks only (don't say I didn't warn you)

Thieves and liars:

longer version and sang(for all those who had enough of this "instrumental mumbo jumbo",:))by a friend of mine: Gerd Hanssens.This demo version was recorded in 2005 on my laptop(so you will hear a difference in the sound quality)


recently recorded on the zoom,I had a lot of fun soloing over this progression as you might hear.Obviously with overdubs but everything done in 1 take.


one of my favs