age 4, I guess(mother's day)
age 11
volunteering for the army at age 16(I'm the one with the pony haircut)
part of my identity card in 1987
playing for the stone age romeo's in 1988
me and my best friend(who sadly passed away in 1992)partying in 1990(at the mardi gras)
me and my nephew Nick(1993)
shaking hands with the local king in Tenerife,:)
shot at the airport (before going to the Dominican Republic) 2002
then there's this:I've found out I used to play in a band called Racer x ....
then went on to play with Oregon (2002)
and last but not least I then joined a band called Europe...

of course these guys are respectively Paul Gilbert(Racer X) and John Norum(Europe) but I thought the ressemblance was rather striking...(had to put this straight for those who don't get my sense of humour...)