In 1982 I picked up my first guitar(brand:Bird) and this was some kind of Fender Lead copy.
I actually still have it and I will upgrade it in the future for sentimental reasons 8),although you won't find any reviews of this 1 anywhere.(wonder why?)

Then I picked up a Fender stratocaster and this was the first one I really liked.
During that period I worked on some demos and I joined a garage rock band called:
"The stone age romeos"
Due to musical differences I left the band after a few gigs.

During that time period I was heavily influenced by these guitar players:Gary Moore,Trevor Rabin,Jeff Beck,Clapton,etc...

I joined a progrock band in 1999 called Oregon
We recorded a demo in 2000( ) and we did some gigs in that region.
The band eventually split up in 2002.

In 2003 I was trying to form an AOR-band thus releasing some of my song material but we had trouble finding the right people so we gave up on this in 2004.

Some of the guitarists that inspired me during the last years:Ronni Le Tekro,Kee Marcello,John Norum,Yngwie Malmsteen,Steve Morse...

I will try to update this site every 6 weeks or so.
If you have questions,suggestions,etc...just e-mail me at:





album:The big prize(Honeymoon Suite),Technical difficulties(RacerX),Mood swings(Harem Scarem)
concert:too many to list
guitarist:Steve Morse,Ronni LeTekro,
singer:Tony Harnell
bassist:Chris Squire
drummer:Cozy Powell
movie:Sweet and lowdown,Shine,Artificial Intelligence
book:everything by Edgar Allen Poe